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About Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness provides a casual workout experience that promotes no intimidation via “lunks” meaning that they don’t allow slamming of weights, grunting and all around general gym obnoxiousness. Planet Fitness memberships include great perks at an ultra low monthly cost. See below for Planet Fitness membership cost.


What they have:

  • Cardio equipment including treadmills, elliptical, bikes and more
  • Large selection of circuit machines
  • Limited selection of free weights
  • Tanning
  • Message chairs
  • Unlimited fitness training
  • Child Care


Planet Fitness Memberships:

Plant Fitness has two single membership options, the Basic program is $10 per month and is month-to- month. The Black Card membership is $19 per month and requires a 12 month contract. Both memberships require a $39 annual fee billed within your first 90 days and every year after. The Black Card membership comes with lots of additional membership perks. 

Planet Fitness Membership Cost:

Basic is $10.00 per month
PF Black Card is $19.99 per month

Joining Fees:

Basic is $29 to $49 start up fee
PF Black card is $0 start up fee
Depending on the current promotion joining fees can range from $0 to $29+ with an additional $29 to $39 annual fee billed once per year. 


Overall Rating

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  1. I Have heard a lot of mixed reviews about this gym so I decided to go down and check it out myself. Being a veteran in the gym scene I have been to almost every brand facility in the country. I have to say I was very impressed with Planet Fitness. They were very friendly upon arriving and did a great job explaining the club and the process to sign up. I made the decision to go with the Black Card membership option. At $19.99 a month it is a steal. They have plenty of cardio and strength and some creative and surprisingly useful utilization of floor space, having separate areas for abs and stretching which I really appreciated. My only complaint would be that they do not have a large selection of free weights at all but there is still more than enough equipment for anyone to be able to get in a solid workout. They also had an immaculate facility so that was refreshing after seeing so many clubs around the country dirty. I have now gone through 5 different planets in 3 different states and had the identical experience in each one. Overall I would highly recommend this brand to both newbies looking to start a fitness lifestyle or a veteran looking to supplement their program with another facility. Way to nail it Planet!


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