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Orangetheory is a national fitness chain that provides structured workout classes that are built around heart rate and interval training. The classes combine treadmills, row machines, free weights, and suspension training. Workouts are adjusted for all body types and fitness levels. The gym is not an open gym format, classes need to be scheduled.

What they have:

  • Treadmills
  • Row machines
  • Locker room with men & woman’s shower
  • Free weights
  • Suspension training
  • All supervised workouts

Programs are month-to-month and range in price depending on how many classes you want to attend per month. You can also purchase pre-paid classes in 10, 20, and 30 class packages. Classes can be used at all Orangethoery locations. Month-to-month memberships require a 30 day notice to cancel meaning you could be billed an additional month after cancelling. 

Monthly cost:
Basic 4 classes per month cost $59 per month
Elite 8 classes per month cost is $99 per month
Premier unlimited classes per month cost is $159


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