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About Life Time Fitness

Life Time Fitness provides a full service luxury fitness experience providing all the standard equipment plus many extras. Life Time Fitness prices vary one location to the next depending on what type or tier club is in your area. This simply means that you will pay more for a newer, bigger Life Time Fitness that has more amenities.  See Life Time Fitness membership cost below. 

What they have: * varies per location

  • Large cardio section including treadmills, elliptical, stair steppers, bikes, and much more.
  • Lots of free weights
  • Circuit and free motions machines
  • Personal Training
  • Small group fitness 
  • Classes 
  • Yoga/Pilates
  • Basketball courts
  • Racket ball courts*
  • Locker room equipped with showers, steam room and towel service
  • Pool & Sauna (some have outdoor pools)
  • Kids activities
  • Child care
  • 24 hour access
  • Salon & Spa
  • Life Cafe
  • Tennis*
  • Weight loss challenges 


Life Time Fitness Memberships:

Life Time Fitness memberships are month-to-month not requiring a contract and require 30 day notice to cancel. Monthly membership fees can increase on an annual basis or if the club upgrades it memberships from a lower tiered club to a higher tiered club. Some memberships restrict access to higher tiered locations and may require an upgrade if you wish to use a different location. On average single memberships are $90 per month on the high end and $56 on the low ends. 


Life Time Membership Cost:

Single – $56 – $90 per month average is $77 per month
Dual – $120+ per month
Families- $150+

* Extra charges for additional family members and child care 


Joining Fees:

Bigger clubs and more amenities will usually mean higher joining fees. On average Life Time Fitness’s joining fees are $179 to enroll and vary from promotion to promotion. With a $0 enrollment promotion you could still pay your first and last moths dues up front which alone will bring you to $100+.  



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  1. If you know what your doing and have a strong back ground in a gym I woud recommend. Thy have a large assortment of free weights and olympic lifting platforms. First time buyers beware. The sales associates will tell you inaccurate monthly pricing and the Personal training is very expensive. Staff is usually ok at best; but Its very abrasive atmosphere……I do notice a lot of dust and strange stains on equipment and floors especially if I’m doing core work on the floor.


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