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With over 500 locations LA Fitness is one of the largest health club chains in the US; providing a great selection of equipment and amenities. LA Fitness’s programs are generally more affordable than luxury health clubs but also competitively priced to small and medium sizes gyms. See below for pricing information.

What they have: *amenities may vary*

  • Large cardio selection including treadmills, elliptical, stair steppers, bikes, and more
  • Free weights
  • Circuit and free motion machines
  • Personal Training
  • Classes (large selection at no additional charge)
  • Basketball courts
  • Racket ball courts*
  • Locker room equipped with showers & steam room
  • Pool
  • Child care (additional charge)

Month to month memberships with a 30 day notice to cancel on the monthly paid memberships. There are options to pay memberships in full to receive a discount; example would be if you pre-pay 12 months you get several months free. 

Monthly Fees:
Monthly fees range from $39 per month to $19 per month, family members can be added to an account for 29.95 per month. If you pay a HIGHER enrollment you will get a LOWER monthly fee. If you plan on staying a member long term the buy down options are a great investment. Additional members can be added to an account for $29.95 extra per month, child care is also an additional charge per month. 

Joining Fees: 
$299-199 Enrollment will get you a $19 per month membership
$99 Enrollment will get you a $29.95 per month membership (typically you can only use one club)
$0 Enrollment gets you a $39+ per month memberships


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  1. How this gym benefits you?

    This gym benefits me because it is close to home and they have locations near my work. They also have a pretty large free weight area and the club never seems too busy, so waiting for equipment isn’t usually an issue. I’ve never used the pool or hot tub.

    What you paid to join and pay per month?

    I paid $100 up front and my monthly dues are $29.95.

    Would you recommend to friends or family?

    I’ve been a member at LA fitness for 2 years; my main location is Apple Valley. This used to be a nice gym, but the way it is now, I would never recommend Apple Valley LA fitness to anyone. This gym is a dump. Equipment is always broken and takes several weeks if not months to get fixed. The bathrooms are disgusting, rarely are all toilets in service, doors on bathrooms stalls barely close if at all, and there is always garbage on the floors. The drinking fountains never work. The water is always warm and there is always red mold around the mouth piece. If anyone does join LA I tell them to stay away from this location. I’ve held on for two years hoping they would turn this gym around. I guess it’s just easier to take the members money and do nothing to the gym. I will be leaving LA fitness as soon as possible.


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