Gyms Near Apple Valley & Rosemount, MN

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Health Clubs Near Apple Valley, MN

These gyms generally include cardio equipment, circuit machines, free weights, classes, child care, pools, showers, saunas, cafes, spas, personal training and many other amenities. With more amenities and options comes a higher monthly cost and start up fees. These gyms are a great value as long as you make use of all that they have to offer.

Gym Name Monthly Fees Joining Fees   Reviews 

LA Fitness

$19 to $39 $25 to $299 3 Stars (3 / 5)
Life Time Fitness
$55 to $90 $79 to $179 2 Stars (2 / 5)


Fitness center image, health club.

Gyms Near Apple Valley, MN & Rosemount, MN

These gyms are smaller than health clubs and come in many different sizes. They are equipped with cardio machines, circuit machines, and free weights.  A select few will have child care, personal training, classes, showers, tanning, and even smoothie bars. These types of gyms often competes on convenience with 24 hour access, low monthly costs, or a combination of both. Gyms are often more affordable than health clubs but offer less size and amenities.  

Gym Name Monthly Fees Joining Fees   Reviews

Anytime Fitness

$29 to $60 $0 to $99 2.75 Stars (2.75 / 5)
Snap Fitness  $34.95 to to $59.95 $0 to $99 2.75 Stars (2.75 / 5)
Orangetheory Fitness $59 to $159   Coming Soon

Welcyon Fitness After 50

Coming Soon _ _


Studio & Specialty Fitness Centers Near Apple Valley & Rosemount, MN

Many studios offer specialized fitness with a small community feel.  They generally have advanced options and great service.  These gyms will specialize in small group classes, yoga, crossfit, personal training, boot camps, etc.  Their prices tend to vary, however they have an unbeatable atmosphere.   

Studio  Info Page Reviews
Cross Fit 5885 View Coming Soon
Cross Fit Northstar View Coming Soon
Curves Apple Valley View Coming Soon
Curves Rosemount View Coming Soon
Get in Shape for Women View Coming Soon
Skybound Fitness View Coming Soon
South Metro Jazzercise View Coming Soon