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About Anytime Fitness:

Anytime Fitness gives you a convenient option to fitness. With 1,935 gyms in the US and 24 hour access you wont be short on locations or time. Anytime Fitness gyms tend to be smaller in size  than most commercial gyms but they do pack a lot of options in a small space. Anytime Provides most of the same equipment as larger health clubs just in a more compact  environment. These gyms may be smaller in size but Anytime Fitness’s focus on club culture and customer experience are huge. Find Anytime Fitness membership cost below.  


What they have: *amenities may vary*

  • Cardio equipment including treadmills, elliptical and bikes
  • Circuit machines
  • Free weights
  • Class room area with automated or instructed classes*
  • Tanning
  • Personal Training
  • Shower  (1-2 showers no locker room)
  • 24 hour access

Anytime Fitness Membership Agreement:

12+ month contracts with a lower dues option for longer contract terms. Some Anytime Fitness locations do have a  month-to-month payment options but may require a higher monthly payment. Anytime Fitness gyms are mostly franchises so agreement terms and prices will vary location to location. If you enter into a contract you may cancel if you move more than a 15 mile radius away from any Anytime Fitness and may be responsible for a cancellation fee.  Some programs have an auto renew option clause, be sure to read your contract carefully, if you have any of the terms altered make sure to have the owner/manager sign the change to the contract and keep a copy for your own records.  


Anytime Fitness Membership Cost:

$29.99 to $49.99 depending on location and contract term. Month-to-month option may be available but usually costs $50+ per month. Couple memberships start at $60 per month and family memberships can cost $100+ per month.


Annual Fee:

Some memberships may have an annual fee starting at $20 billed annually  within your contract term. 


Joining fees: 

There are several different joining fees you may see when joining Anytime Fitness that include an enrollment fee, key card fee or an enrollment fee. If $0 enrollment is advertised you might still pay a key card fee. Joining fees range from $99 to $25 and may include payment of first and last month’s dues at time of enrollment.



Overall Rating


  1. I stepped into the Lakeville Anytime Fitness recently, to inquire about becoming a member there.
    No one greeted me as I walked in, which I found odd. There was a woman in an office who was quite unfriendly. She at no time offered to “sell” me a membership. She showed me how much the rates were, but didn’t offer any information on why the membership here would be any more value than any competitors. She gave curt answers, and never explained any specials, never offered a tour, etc. No good vibes here, and it’s unfortunate. The facility seemed nice enough (what I could glance), and the website explained more.
    Such a shame to have someone so unfriendly be the first encounter to this place.

    • Hi Katy,
      Thank you for your review, it’s greatly appreciated.

  2. Anytime Fitness, Faribault, MN
    The gym is really the most convenient gym in town and most affordable for me – especially since insurance reimburses me when I go 12 times per month. It has most of the equipment I need/want to use. I really enjoy the quiet hours of the day there. The manager is always helpful and timely with questions and concerns.

    I paid a couple’s membership to join with my sister. For the two of us it was about $120 up front, but there was a deal running to have the entire summer free, so I didn’t even start paying dues until October. With insurance reimbursements, I pay roughly $10-15/month.

    Yes, I would recommend this gym to friends and family. It has everything you need and a nice variety of equipment, cardio machines, separate area for floor work, a Fitness on Request kiosk for guided workouts, friendly staff, and clean environment.


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