Avoid Costly Gyms Shopping Mistakes

Imagine that you are ready to join a gym in your area. First you look online to see what gyms are in your area; soon you realize that there is very little information available online. You give up on the online search for enrollment prices, monthly costs, agreement terms, and gym amenities.  Now you start calling the gyms only to be told you have to come to the gym for prices and a tour. So now you select several gyms in your area to tour; let’s fast forward several hours. You spent hours traveling to one gym to the next, go through several time consuming tours, experienced high pressure sales,  and ended up paying $100’s more that your friend who joined yesterday, plus found out there are other gyms in the area that you wish you would have joined, but did not know they were even there.

We want you to get the best gym at the best price so you can get fit. GymsMe is for anyone that is looking for a gym, health club or fitness studio that would like to save time, save money, and avoid costly shopping mistakes. 


Our Team

After more than a decade of working in the fitness industry we believe that the way consumers shop for gym memberships needs to change.  Our solution was to create a one stop shop hub for consumers like you to get detailed information of gyms including joining fees,  monthly fees, amenities, and contract terms. Our goal is to connect you with the best gym near you so you can have the best experience possible.  

The way consumers shop for gyms and fitness services needs to change, that’s what GymsMe is here to do.


Gyms, Health Clubs, & Fitness Studios Near You

There are more gym options than you think in your area however more options means more time shopping. You can go online, you can tour or you can read reviews to shop but there is no easy way to answer these very important questions:
-What do they have?
-How much to join and how much per month?
-Why I should join or is it a good fit for me?
-What are the contract terms?
-What are other people saying about this gym?

You now have an easy way to get the important questions answered while saving time and money. 


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